organicum Shampoo organicum Shampoo
organicum Shampoo
against inherent hair loss and dandruff
without silicones and with organic hydrosol
listed vegan organicum Shampoo
organicum Conditioner organicum Conditioner
organicum Conditioner
for more shine and smoothness
without silicones and without palm oil
listed vegan organicum Conditioner
organicum Hair Mask organicum Hair Mask
organicum Hair Mask
with revitalizing wild herbs and oils
without silicones and without glycerol
listed vegan organicum Hair Mask

The natural treatment for stressed and damaged hair.

organicum haircare gently cleanses, hydrates and detangles stressed hair. It will soothe irritated scalp, strengthen your hair from root to tip, and replenish your hair's natural beauty. The nourishing formula of organicum works as a natural remedy for reddened, itching scalp and dandruff. The process of hair loss due to enviromental stress can be reduced significally.

The active ingredients in organicum are derived from 100% organic plants which grow up in the open wildness of the turkish Taurus mountains. Under the mediterranean sun they will develop in freedom of nature – we don't use any fertilizers or genetically modified seeds for crop growing in plantations. All plants and herbs used in organicum are collected by hand with no machines involved. By gentle distillation we are able to extract the best active components only.

Unlike other manufacturers we do not claim to offer 'all natural shampoos' or 'organic haircare', albeit our products mostly contain organic plant extracts. However, we need to add minimal amounts of chemical compounds like preservatives and mild surfactants, simply to guarantee safe and purifying products. We don't have any secrets regarding the ingredients, feel free to check our detailed INCI listings and explanations.

organicum products are 100% vegan. They do not contain any palm oil and were developed without animal testing.