What is the Secret of organicum Hair Care?

Magically Healthy Hair with Flowers of Sun…

For over 20 years, we have trusted the amazing therapeutic strength and compatibility of our natural ingredients aquired from mediterranean flora.

Thanks to a finely tuned mixture of various herbs and plants, their natural powers unfold perfectly in our recipes. organicum products contain the purest essences and oils from plants, which are plucked and collected by hand in heights from 400 to 1000 meters, in the pure air of the Taurus Mountains.

In the endless, uninhabited high forests of the Toros Daglari, these herbs and plants can grow free from environmental toxins. We refrain from the use of cultivation or plantations and use only naturally grown plants, making organicum “pure nature” in the truest sense. We do not plant any genetically modified seeds, and no chemical weed treatment, pesticides, or fertilizers are used. The taurian flora and fauna therefore remain uninfluenced by cultivation. This prevents clearing, one-crop agriculture, and earth erosion.

In the mountains’ bracing climate, these plants develope their own immune systems, and the southern sun allows them to grow lushly. This gives us a “harvest” which has yet to find an equal in concentration of active ingredients and genuinity.

Our products contain 100% organic, biological hydrosol. organicum also contains plant extracts that have been used for healing purposes for hundreds of years. The organic hydrolates and essential oils are combined using a new method. Our hydrosols are unfiltered and unaltered by machines, containing no mineral oils or other harmful by-products.